Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Medicare?
Yes, we accept most major insurances including Medicare and Medicaid.
Do you have options available for individuals without health insurance?
Yes, there are organizations and groups available that may offer assistance in getting you a prosthesis.
Do you treat pediatric patients?
Yes, we provide care to all age groups.
How can I pay online?

Follow this link to securely pay online:

How long does it take to get a prosthesis?
Once healed and released by your physician, the process takes approximately 5 visits. This includes the evaluation, casting, diagnostic fittings, and delivery.
How soon can I get an appointment?
We can usually schedule a visit within 48 hours.
I have an amputation high above the knee. Can you fit this level of amputation?
Yes, we provide prosthetic devices for all levels of amputation.
I understand what “prosthetics” are, what exactly is and “orthotic”?
Orthotics is a term that describe various types of bracing and supports for the body.
Everything from knee and ankle bracing to diabetic shoes and inserts.
Is wearing a prosthesis supposed to hurt or will I feel any pain?
No, if your prosthesis hurts then something is wrong.
What determines the components of the prosthesis I receive?
Your activity level will determine the type of knee or foot that is applied.