There are a variety of devices available classified as “orthotics”. Most of them stabilize and support a portion of the body. This could be a joint such as a knee, wrist, hip or ankle. Sometimes it is a portion of the body like the spine/trunk or feet. Orthotics is a head-to-toe service with numerous options to treat each diagnosis.

Common devices utilized today would be an Ankle-Foot-Orthoses (AFO). They can be used in a variety of applications including after a stroke to help your foot clear the ground when you walk, also post-operatively to stabilize the ankle and prevent deformity during recovery. Another is a Knee Orthosis (KO). They can either be prefabricated devices to stabilize the knee joint after years of arthritic degeneration or custom bracing for ligament injuries such as ACL tears. Our clinicians work with you, your physician, and therapist to find the best possible solution. We focus on your quality of life and are passionate about meeting your goals.


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